Submit a Concern to Campus Belonging Resources

Purpose of This Form

Members of our campus community are invited to use this form to submit concerns about behavior that negatively affects their own or other’s sense of belonging and inclusion at the University of Illinois. Examples may include expressions or behaviors that target individuals or groups of people based on their real or perceived membership in that group.

Campus Belonging Resources staff will provide resources and options to individuals upon request. The Campus Belonging Resources program also tracks reports to identify and respond to emerging trends. 

Campus Belonging Resources is not a disciplinary body and does not perform investigations or impose punishments for policy violations, and does not mandate participation in any aspect of its work.

For additional information about the Campus Belonging Resources process, please visit the Campus Belonging Resources webpage.


All fields below are optional, including identifying information. However, our ability to follow up or assist may be restricted if limited information is provided. Individuals who provide contact information will receive an automatic notification and be contacted by staff in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within two business days.


answer must be phone number with area code like 217-333-1000


answer must be an email address

5. Who are you reporting this on behalf of?
6. Who else has this concern been reported to? (Check all that apply.)