CS @ ILLINOIS Alumni Engagement Survey

Your voice matters. Tell us what you really think.

Give us feedback on our communications efforts and engagement activities so we can assess how interesting, valuable, and beneficial they are to the CS @ ILLINOIS alumni network. This brief survey will also ask how we can foster your affinity with student groups and get your thoughts about philanthropy.

Communications (3 questions)

1. What are you currently reading from us?

2. How often do you visit the CS @ ILLINOIS website?

Engagement Opportunties (4 questions)

4. How often do you visit campus?

5. When you visit campus, what do you do here? (check all that apply)

CS-Affiliated Student Groups (3 questions)

8. What student groups were you involved with while a student on campus?

10. If provided at the end of this survey, I give my permission for CS @ ILLINOIS to share my name and email address with the student groups I was affiliated with so they can contact me directly about opportunities to stay connected and get involved.

Philanthropy (3 questions)

11. If you are a donor to the Department, how satisfied are you about your giving experience and the impact of your gift(s)?
12. If you are not a donor, what are your reasons for not giving? (check all that apply)
13. What information or motivators do/would encourage you to give? (check all that apply)

Contact Information

Please confirm your preferred email and home address to ensure you are receiving our monthly E-Newsletter and biannual click! Magazine. Also, if you gave your permission above (question 10), we will share your name and email with the student groups you were affiliated with.



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Additional Feedback