Farm to Foodbank Survey

Farm to Foodbank Survey


You are being asked to participate in a voluntary study intended at developing strategies to expand commodity markets available to farmers and increasing the supply of fresh food at food banks. The Prairie Research Institute (PRI) at the University of Illinois, Feeding Illinois, Illinois Farm Bureau and Illinois Specialty Growers Association have partnered to identify surplus produce that can increase markets for growers, as well as provide food banks with increased supply to support ending hunger in Illinois and beyond.


Surplus may occur on farms for a variety of reasons, from changes in market conditions, to commodities not meeting the customers specifications. This surplus still has tremendous nutritious and economic value and given the appropriate conditions can be diverted to foodbanks and other emergency relief organizations. This questionnaire focuses on understanding current practices and existing conditions, market channels that you utilize, and barriers you encounter when engaging with foodbanks in hopes of identifying those appropriate conditions.


The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.


By collecting this information, we hope to identify where surplus produce exists in the state and at what volume. The project team will further analyze this data along with the current needs and capacities of foodbanks to estimate feasibility and costs of capturing additional commodities for food security programs.


Thank you in advance for your time and your willingness to share your information. Staff who may see your information will maintain confidentiality to the extent of laws and university policies. Personal identifiers will not be published or presented. If you have questions about this project, you may contact Shantanu Pai at 217.300.2046 or